Recap of 2015 Songs

As the new year sets gear, reports from the previous year are in abundance. From New York City crime reports to the best moments of 2015, this is the time to reflect on the past year. Many of these memories are shared through YouTube. Videos of New Years celebrations make the front page of social media. Not only are drunk, costumed functions¬†advertised through the web, but other accomplishments from the calendar year were cherished. Since the early 2010’s, YouTube has published playlists of song mashups. These videos can run for over 40 minutes and include the best 25-100 songs of the year. Some of these albums are called pop anthologies for their digital content. Billboard hits are easily grouped together through synonymous rankings of the best tracks. The below features Cover Nation’s “Top 50 Best Covers of 2015.” The list include both well-known and lesser well-known artists. Rising stars like Andie Case and Connor Maynard are sandwiched by international soloists. The list include both independent and trademarked bands. Enjoy learning about the different songs covered over the past year!

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