Beginners Guide To Blogging

If you type in “blogs” on Google, you will probably find multiple websites that consist of people or people’s talking about their personal life and writing articles on their opinions toward something. You will come across blogs that are about sports, travel, food, fashion, daily life styles, art, religion, politics, and many more. But the real question is, “what makes a successful blog and how do you find the perfect one?”

The first thing that someone will notice on a blog is the style of it. For example, if you look at you will find a blog that is not just written by one person but many people. The blog consists of colors, images, emojis, and eye catching phrases. The articles are
funny and the titles are catchy. Gray Matter, the writer of “Why We Love Beautiful Things”, which was published in the New York Times tells us how to catch an audiences eye.

Matter’s starts out by talking about science and how shapes and colors can alert a part of the motor cerebellum. He writes, “Last year, German researchers found that just glancing at shades of green can boost creativity and motivation.” Matter’s then goes on to write about how shapes and designs help trigger our interest and keep us invested into what we are looking at. “These so-called magical proportions (about 5 by 8) are common in the shapes of books, television sets and credit cards, and they provide the underlying structure for some of the most beloved designs in history…” Just by looking at a rectangle or as he calls it, “The Golden Rectangle” you can automatically feel more relaxed when reading something or looking at something. Look at your surroundings, almost everything you look at is a rectangle. The desk you are sitting at, the bottom of your chair, the chalkboard, the window, and even for the majority of people, your cellphone. Layout and design is a massive way to get an audience to check out your blog.

Another important piece of information that beginning bloggers needs to know, is the right way to go about your blog. Brian Carroll who wrote a chapter on blogging in the book, “Writing for Digital Media” explains in great detail about how to be a good blogger. The first piece of information that he shares with us about blogging is the connecting aspect of a blog. When you are a blogger, you want the audience to feel connected to what you are talking about. Carroll writes, “…it would be customary to provide or link to a complete transcript of the speech or to an audio recording or podcast of the event, making it transparent to the reader where fact leaves off and where opinion begins.” You never want to have a source not be cited when talking about something because the reader won’t know who to trust. Carroll also writes that it is very essential to always correct something if you make a mistake in the blog, but do it in the “Corrections” box next to the blog. “The option to erase mistakes in the entries has caused some concern for blog writers about how corrections or changes should be handled.” Never delete information and also, never delete a readers comment in the “Comment” section. internet_blogging_cartoonThe reader is supposed to feel a connection towards the article and the writer so you should always listen to their comments and they might even be helpful towards your next blog.

Blogging today has sky rocketed and many companies have said they are using and planning on using blogs to get feedback and information for their customers and fans. Blogs are an easy way to tell a story, share a fact, and connect on a personal basis to people around the world and that is why these steps are very important when it comes to writing your first blog.

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