Successful Blogging


Excellent blogging is more than interesting writing and topics, you also need to have a visually appealing online space that will attract readers and keep them coming back, and you also need to create meaningful interactions and networking space with your online community.

Nuts and Bolts

It’s important to create a visually appealing online space where your ideas, interests and thoughts can grow, flourish and connect with others. So getting people to want to look at your website is important, and having people read, interact and engage with your post is even better. Lance Hosey notes in his article, Why We Love Beautiful Things, “It should come as no surprise that good design, often in very subtle ways, can have such dramatic effects.” By utilizing colors to attract, patterns for appeal, material organization and pleasing proportions, web spaces can transform into becoming more attractive and user friendly.




As with posting anything online, the author needs to be respectful of others and be held accountable for what is said online. Anything can be posted online and it’s your responsibility to maintain a healthy and productive online community. Brian Carroll lists out in his book Writing for Digital Media, that one should post deliberately, link other articles you reference or use, publicly correct misinformation, connect with audiences to build trust, follow up ideas and interests, act independently and never delete (as this could harm your credibility and transparency as an author to your community). This online space will give you the chance to create meaningful connections and networks.




Sean Michael Morris says that digital words have a life of their own. And that’s very true, they can be taken so many ways and mean different things to various people. So its important to have your writing be interesting, brief, precise, direct, consistent and aware. Pete Rorabaugh notes in his article, Organic Writing and Digital Media: Seeds and Organs, that there is no right way to evolve your writing, and utilizing the digital space to share ideas, comment and critique can only enhance our compositions.


As you embark on this journey to create a successful blog…


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