5 Tips for Excellent Blogging

What makes an excellent blog? What will make your blog something people share, read, and come back to? I have collected the top 5 things from recent articles and studies that we have read in class, that will help make your blog super interesting and fun to write!

1.Write Organically!

What does it mean to be organic? In this case, it is not a kind of food you can buy at the grocery store, rather it is a unique approach to how you think about your writing. Pete Rorabaugh puts it simply, “organic writing begins with a seed – and idea – and grows in unexpected ways.” To make your writing interesting, start with something you have a passion for and let ideas blossom off of it. Don’t be afraid to stray from a traditional approach, find what works for you and build off of it.


2. Make Your Writing Useful.

Unfortunately today, writing online can be buried underneath a plethora of blogs, articles, pictures, and memes that could prevent someone from reading what you have to say. However —- if you make your writing useful, people will read it and keep coming back! Whether its how to decorate a dorm room, healthy recipes for dinner, or weekly workout routines, make it something that generates a loyal audience.


3. Be Part of the Community!

Blogging is a platform that allows you to share your personal opinions, facts, and thoughts with others who share your interests. Brian Carroll puts it best, “Blogging is an exercise of expression, making one’s views public… though, blogging is also an expression of community, allowing individuals to communicate and congregate.” So engage with your readers, listen to their comments and suggestions, and use these to build your writing, as you build your blog.


4. Write Transparently

An important part of writing is seeing what your implicit idea is and how you make it explicit. Is your writing leaving an impact on the reader and teaching them something they didn’t know before? Writing transparently can help your reader take into consideration your point of view while relating it back to themselves. These personal connections will help you build an audience and more clearly see the goal of your blog come to life.


 5. Make it Pleasing to the Eye

People naturally are drawn to good design. A clean blog with an organized layout allows for an enjoyable visit for your reader. Clutter, bad graphics, and little color/variation make it difficult for someone to keep an interest on any webpage, regardless of the content. The design of your blog is the first thing the eye sees, so having a well thought out plan can make a huge difference in your readers attention and loyalty as a visitor.



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