Blog Post #2

During these first 3 ½ weeks of class, I have come a long way to knowing what a blog is. Now, I’m excited to start my own blog! Throughout researching many blogs, I have thought long and hard on what I will be writing and posting about this semester. My true passion is sports, but I feel that I should explore something new, anther passion of mine, which is traveling.

By looking at travel blogs like, and I can really see myself getting into a travel blog. Nomadic Matt is an awesome travel blog because there is just so much on it. Nomadic-Matt-Top-100-Travel-Blogs-1You can look at traveling tips, how to save money, pictures, fun things to do in cities and unique places. I feel as though I can make a real awesome travel blog because my family loves to travel.

I have been to the Caribbean, Mexico, Italy, England, Midwest, California, South Carolina, Florida, Antiqua, Virgin Islands, Spain and so many more unique places. My blog will give some great information about how to travel london-at-night-hd-wallpaper-1with a family or by yourself. I will talk about awesome cites that must be seen. In my blog, I will add some fascinating pictures that I have taken throughout the years of my travel.

My blog will not only be about my experience but more about my experience being in a certain destination for some time. Trying to fit in to the culture of that place. I will give tips on where to eat, where to swim, where to hike, etc. I will also talk bout saving money. Wandering Earl gives some awesome advice on what tours to take when you visit a certain destination and I will do the same. I will also add the best months to go on vacation. For example, if you are in College and want to have some fun with your friends, go to the Caribbean during March and April. If you want to get the best whale watching experience ever, visit Mexico in February. My traveling has been a lot of fun and has taught me many things, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you all!

IMG_1285  (Antigua 2014)

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