Caf Hacks

So this is another food blog, but not just any food blog. What I am going to write about relates to just about everyone, because well, we all are stuck eating in the typical college cafeteria.

On one hand, everyone loves food–obviously, and nothing is better than a great home cooked meal or your favorite dessert from a local bakery. Also, whether you are an athlete, or just health conscious, eating nutritious food is really important in order to perform well and feel good, no matter what it is you are doing. But, on the other hand– not everyone enjoys what the cafeteria has to offer. That home cooked meal is pretty far fetched once you get to school and the blandness of a buffet style college dining experience does not scream ideal.

However, after many dinners with friends and seeing the interesting combinations they have put together, I think I have learned some important “caf hacks” that will help everyone tackle this place a little better!


Like this salad bar, I am taking my inspiration from a variety of different blogs in order to create colorful, organized, and interesting posts!

After sifting through many of the food blogs out there, a few have really stuck out to me. Andie Mitchell’s Blog  is one of my favorites because of it’s clean look, organized layout, and of course, great recipes.  I want my blog to utilize her design elements in order to create a clean space that highlights the food and “caf hacks” that I want to share.

treats with a twist is another great blog. It has a tab that offers real insights into her everyday life, which offers a realism to her writing. It is transparent in that the reader can see what goes on besides the recipes, pictures, and posts. While I am not going to blogging about my day to day routines or anything like that, I want to relate what goes on during meals to everyday things, like meals for when you’re in a rush, snacks for when you stay extra long to talk to friends, or when you’re stressed during finals week. This way, everyone can relate somehow to the different posts and feel part of my blogs overall goal.

So get ready to reinvent the caf, one meal at a time!

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