Ode to Books


When I sat down to brainstorm blog ideas, I was assaulted by a wall of them. I could make a photography blog, a design blog, a travel blog, a study blog. I could make a personal blog, a fashion blog, a makeup blog, a food blog, a writing blog. The internet was my oyster and I sat with the whole Web before me, eager for me to contribute to it, but my mind refused to settle on one topic for long. But the more I brainstormed, the more one concept rose above the rest.

I’ve always been an avid reader and writer. I grew up on Rowling and Tolkien. I’m the person who wants to read the book before she sees the movie. I did NaNoWriMo – a month long challenge that encourages participants to write 50,000 words in 30 days – twice in high school and loved it both times. But, since coming to college, I’ve let that part of me slip to the side. I’ve focused more on studying and research and medical school applications and less on reading and writing just to read and write.

I think it’s time to mix things up again.

I want to write about books. I want to write about reading them, I want to write about writing them, and I want to write about analyzing them. I want this blog to be the push I need to start reading and writing more and better. I want an excuse to take a break from my STEM-heavy course-load to disappear into a YA novel for a few hours.

Some blogs that made my journey to this conclusion possible are Twist in the Taile and The Mile Long Bookshelf. Their blogs stood out to me from the other ‘book blogs’ I encountered, because their blogs aren’t just book-review blogs; they pour a bit of themselves into their blogs as well. While I want my blog to be centered around books, I don’t want all of my posts to simply be book reviews, and these two blogs do a great job integrating other sorts of posts into their book blogs.

The unread books on my desk are already calling out to me.

I can’t wait to see what stories they hold.

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