The blog I am going to create is hopefully going to create a space where the woman of Dickinson campus can safely discuss their sexuality and how being a student of Dickinson campus has changed or impacted it. I want to focus on the concept of sexuality amongst young woman. As a young woman of this generation where woman are constantly being sexualized in the media but shamed for it in reality, it is important that we understand our bodies and fully embrace the beauty of being a woman. A blog that I really love is Created by 20 year old Eileen Kelly. She created an online website where young woman can ask questions related to sexuality and all things womanly. The link above is to her tumblr because the blog is currently being updated, but once it is up and running I will link it on my blog because it is truly remarkable (as is her tumblr, but the blog is more focused on her writing) Kelly’s post answers questions about orgasms, periods, partners both male and female, sexual experiences, how to have safe sex etc. the list goes on. The blog is very aesthetically pleasing which really adds to its appeal. Her raw photos of naked woman may make the readers uncomfortable at first, but I think that is the point. It makes the reader stop and question why they were feeling uncomfortable in the first place.

Eileen Kelly in a French Magazine

Eileen Kelly in a French Magazine


Another website that I really enjoy is i-D Mag which is the online version of a magazine. Like Kelly’s blog, it is very raw. This magazine has mastered all forms of media having both an online website, a YouTube channel as well as a printed magazine. The thing that attracts me the most about this blog is how real it is. Unlike a lot of other sites that have a lot of fluff in their articles and are filled with unattractive adds, i-D Mag focuses on their content. They write articles about real people and their experiences rather than untangeable models or celebreties. They focus on woman who are defying steryo-types as well as woman who have overcome depression, body issues, self-harm etc. These are all very real, important issues that a lot of magazines that are targeted towards young woman do not talk about; if so it is in a very edited manner. I really love their YouTube channel; again their videos are so real. They are not over edited; they really make the reader focus on the subject. One of my favorite columns that inspired the idea for my blog is the following post about personal fashion at the 2016 Gov Ball

Lady Gaga on the cover of   i-D Mag

Lady Gaga on the cover of i-D Mag

I am super excited to start my blog and I hope that people will enjoy the content!

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