Death Is Not The Opposite of Life, But A Part of It


The blog I plan on designing is a self-exploration into life, death and what lies beyond. I have had the privilege of working at a coroner’s office for the past two summers and gained a very unique perspective of life. I was told to keep a journal to process and think about what I was seeing and reflect upon it. So I would like to explore the experiences I was a part of in the cases I was working, and find a deeper understanding and continue to explore the age old mystery of life and death.

Death is a very sensitive topic that most people want to avoid, and are not very comfortable talking about, and much less wanting to read about. So my plan is to have my blog very clean, simple, and have it solely focus on the content. Mainly because the writing and experiences I’m discussing are the reason for my blog, but also to create a place for respect, because my work and educational experience that I will be examining is also another family’s loss.


One blog that does this very well and one I want to model for my project is . It is very well organized, clean and simple. There is not much visually, no advertisements and its very organized  in the way of tabs, including a glossary, blog, about page , and a press tab. The articles in each section are very well written and the content is of an educational tone. There are a variety of interesting topics and subject matter that keeps people coming back to learn more and discover what is required of the coroner. It does not have a ‘downing’ , dreary attitude about death, but rather a realistic educational quality that makes it much more acceptable for the average person reading about this subject.


This working experience has let me come to a deeper understanding of what life and death means to me as I plan to follow my career path in becoming a medical examiner.


“Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is, I am not. Why should I fear that which cannot exist when I do?”




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