A Blog About Nothing

For my blog, I have a few ideas for topics that I am thinking about pursuing. There is not one area of interest or topic that I am certain I have enough ideas about to write more than one post for. The way that I will begin is by identifying something interesting that everyone is aware and write about it from a different perspective. I like the idea of pointing out the absurdity of a “normal” thing and coming to a conclusion about it. For example, I could take a specific line or event from the current election and point out the absurdity of it and draw a lesson from that. Rather than focusing on the candidates this year (because the absurdity is pretty self evident), I could focus on the electorate, drawing on interesting studies and interviews done with voters. The Bloomberg website put out a very interesting article about what divides the American people that I could draw from. In addition, that article published on the Bloomberg website has a very interesting layout of color coding and splitting paragraphs up that I may incorporate into my own blog. Real Clear Politics is another blog that I could emulate. They post opinionated sometime revealing and satirical articles about politics (and other things too).
If I decide to go in another direction, I could do a blog that point to the absurdity of everyday things, objects, or practices that we have become accustomed to. For example, cell phones, Instagram, snapchat stories, college parties. I want to make the blog a little funny, so I could make fun of those things and than discuss what we can learn from unpacking that “normal” thing.  As for the structure of the article, I like how Buzzfeed spaces out the paragraphs and even sentences with pictures and a scroll down feature. It makes the content more conversational and digestible. Whatever I end up writing, I would like to make it easy to read and actually interesting.

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