Links to 2016 Blog Projects

Please add a link to your blog and a sentence or two about the project in the comments below.  Looking forward to reading them all!

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16 Responses to Links to 2016 Blog Projects

  1. cphil06 says:

    My first blog post is a reflection on a few of my favorite things about my hometown. Before I start posting about the destinations I intend to visit on my cross-country journey I wanted to make a post on the place I will start from, my home.

  2. CMG says:

    Hey, all! My blog is going to revolve around all aspects of books. Here’s the link:

  3. Amy says:

    My blog will be a collection of stories about my experience of being a twin and chronicle some of the silliest questions we’ve gotten from strangers over the year. There may even be some guest posts from my twin sister herself!

  4. RWO says:

    My first blog post discusses the process we undergo in death.
    Here is the link:

  5. 3x says:

    My first post on my student-life blog is an introduction to my goals for the project.

  6. grahamk14 says:

    My first blog is about New York and the 5 things you must do when you visit.

  7. llewellt says:

    My first blog post is an interview of my coach, Dave Webster. He provides some unique insight into what it was like being a student-athlete and then transitioning into his role as a coach.
    Here’s the link:

  8. Eleanor Kaestner says:

    My blog is going to explore creative ways to utilize campus dining in order to make healthy, more exciting meals.

  9. usha says:

    My blog explores sexuality amongst the woman of Dickinson campus!

  10. zweckerl says:

    My blog is about the way female athletes are portrayed in the media!

  11. lindzermac says:

    My blog is a project for one of my courses this semester that serves as a reference to the training and adventures that my horse, Ender, and I share.

  12. fittss says:

    My blog is about meeting new people on campus while also making new foods. It’s more exciting to talk to people while eating than just talking to them.

  13. Steffi says:

    My blog is a reflection on my year abroad in Japan!

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