How to Write a Good Blog: A Simple Guide

If you are like me then you spend a lot of your time on the internet. if you are also like me you spend your time doing one of two things, looking at memes or reading blogs. Memes however, while entertaining, are not the topic of this blog post. Our efforts here are much more meta. So how do you write a good blog? What goes into it and how can anyone do it?

And most importantly, why does it matter?

Step 1: Let your ideas develop themselves

This may seem counter intuitive but if you don’t know what you are going to blog about, great! The important thing id that you get something out there. It could be anything from a music review to a short story you want to tell. The more you are writing, the more your ideas get to develop. This is called writing organically, and Pete Rorabaugh thinks its pretty cool. “organic writing begins with a seed – an idea – and grows in unexpected ways.”  In this way you can let your thought mature like a fine wine, and hopefully they turn into a 30 year Cabernet Sauvignon.

Step 2: Write With Your Community In Mind

Nobody will want to read your blog if it’s not engaging. an easy way to make it engaging is to be engaged. Sound easy enough, but sometimes bloggers will run themselves amuck. Whats great about blogging is that the internet is a great big place with tons of people who are dying to read content. if you create interesting content for those people then they will want to dialogue with you about said content. Brian Carroll would argue that because “Blogging is an expression of community”  it is great to tailor your blog to the community that you’re crafting and make them feel as if they have a hand in what you are producing.

PC ShutterStock

PC ShutterStock

Step 3: Write Like a Human

People don’t usually go to the internet to be voluntarily bored by what they’re reading, so write in ways that would engage you if you were reading your blog.

Maybe use a sentence as a paragraph?

Other times a conversational tone keeps readers feeling like they are just talking with an old friend. Additionally being transparent and letting your readers in on parts of your life is a great way to hook an audience. Share a story, post a picture, recount a dream you had, anything that personalizes your content and makes it more unique will set you apart from the rest of the blogs out there.

So what?

So why is blogging important. Well theres a simple reason, it can be powerful. Blogs that are being frequented by people online have immense power to shape what people’s thoughts and opinions. When we live in an era where all it takes is a well placed anecdote, and an active comments bar to create to create a community, spur movements, or address social issues the better question then is not why blog, but why not?




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