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Over the past two weeks I have come to realize that blogs are more than just fashion and chicken parmesan recipes. They are their own form of expression through writing, and like all other literature can be outstanding or disappointing. I believe there are three main things that make a blog a “good blog” and these are layout of the blog, analysis, and the writers interest in the subject.

The layout of a blog has great influence on whether or not a reader will enjoy it; therefore, a good layout is a critical part of a good blog. For example, in Lance Hosey’s article Why We Love Beautiful Things he describes an experiment in which attractive images would activate the part of the motor cerebellum that governs hand movement and goes on to say, “Beauty literally moves us” (Why 1). This depicts how powerful an attractive layout can be. Having an attractive layout on a blog can even make the readers “reach out” for it. Because of this innate human attribute, the layout alone is capable of drawing a reader into a blog. I feel that a blogs layout also makes it much easier for me to read and enjoy. Therefore, I believe one of the key components to a good blog is its layout because it draws the reader in and makes the text more entertaining to read.


Good analysis is critical to crafting a good blog because it allows the blog to reflect on new ideas in a more detailed and interesting way. Writing Analytically by David Rossenwasser describes good analysis as seeking “to locate the life of its subject, the aims and ideas that energize it” (Writing Analytically, 4). By seeking out the aims and ideas that energize what the writer is thinking about and reading they can create a blog that seems much more interesting and thought provoking than one that just regurgitates ideas the author reads online. Therefore, analysis is critical to a good blog, because it creates a more interesting and thought provoking final product.

Finally, I believe that a writer’s interest or passion in what they are writing about in their blog is extremely important in making it a good blog. When an author focuses on what they are interested in their writing just ends up being very enjoyable. For example, I recently learned of a very successful blog called Humans of New York and after reading a few of the stories on their site you can tell the author has a great interest in what they are writing about. If the author did not have such a passion for telling these people’s stories the blog would likely end up seeming dull and boring. However, the stories are extremely captivating and this is largely because the author shows passion in telling these peoples stories. This interest in their writing is a huge key to the blogs success and therefore should be one of the key elements in writing any good blog.


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