Digital Writing “Hacks” that will Make your Blog POP!

In the style of the blogging powerhouse, Buzzfeed, this handy-dandy information goldmine will spoon feed you in the form of an easy to read list on how to make an excellent blog.

1: All about the #Aesthetics

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This word is appearing all over digital communities, whether is be to describe a minimalist table spread, or some funky wall of bricks, the importance of being aesthetically pleasing is apparent in our coveting of the phrase.

What does it mean to be aesthetically pleasing? According to the online article “Why we love beautiful things” by Lance Hosey, the answer to that question could be due to human’s genetic attraction to the golden rectangle.

When talking about blog spaces, this means keeping walls of text to a minimum, and incorporating valuable images smoothly. A noteworthy blog that takes advantage of ascetically pleasing images is The Humans of New York Blog. 

 2: Can your (insert technologically challenged family member) navigate your blog?

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Along with having a marriage of appealing images and concise writing, having a blog that is easy to maneuver also attributes to its success. Anyone should be able to find information on your blog. A clear and accessible menu that takes readers to your different topics means that they will spend less time confused on how to find your work, and more time appreciating it.

3: Know you audience…know them well

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Write for them. Create for them. Allow your audience to contribute and engage with your content. Embrace the living entity that is the internet. There is a nifty article written on the nature of online writing and how important it is to work within the online community. You can find this interesting read on Digital Pedagogy Lab.

4: Make sure you show some personality


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If you know your audience, you should know that they don’t want to read something void of your authorial voice. Find what makes your voice special, and let it lose on the digital world. Readers will gravitate to the unique aspects that you bring to the table.  In How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith, she embraces her ways of understanding the world and the result is an engaging explorer’s journal that challenges its users to collect, analyze, and think like a scientist/writer/artist.

5: Mission, Mission, Mission

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What is your purpose. What are you selling? So, what? Why should I spend an afternoon getting lost in your content? If you don’t have a mission of some sort, why are you writing?

This TED talk goes into why it is so important to have a mission to inspire action.

A blog that emanates purpose is Paul Nicklen’s activist blog. He uses ascetically pleasing photography paired with narration to appeal to the readers emotions. You immediately know his mission– Save the Arctic, it is beautiful.

6: Cite your information, don’t steal

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No one likes a content thief. Just don’t do it.



And have fun! You are writing and essentially traveling through time with the words you are using right now. Make the future You happy with what is published online… and start writing!


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