Blog Post 2

For my blog, I would like to work on creating a website designed to provide crucial information on court proceedings that relate to millennials and college students, while at the same time, offering a sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek spin on said issues. In practice, then, I would like to pitch a project that is essentially SCOTUSBlog meets Supreme Court coverage on The Onion.

I would like to work on this project for three reasons. Firstly, the work of our judicial system has recently begun to bear substantial influence on the lives of people my age. One need only look at the evolving case law on privacy rights, electronic searches, and issues such as reproductive rights and birth control. Secondly, in spite of this increasing importance, there has not been a corresponding rise in relevance amongst my generation. Too many of my peers pay remarkably little attention to court decisions, and among those who do, it is often only in the form of the CNN headlines they are exposed to while eating in the Caf. Finally, I think a key component of this judicial apathy is the somewhat dry reporting it receives. Simply put, following a bunch of old people in robes who are never televised, and are relatively removed from traditional civic engagement, is boring (or so I’m told). By offering a humorous spin, however, I think this problem can at least partially be alleviated. For example, try not to laugh at this! By proceeding in this manner, I think I can make an interesting outlet for critical and topical developments.

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