Blog #2- Lifestyle blogs – How relatable can they be?

There are several blogs out there that grab my attention. One type in particular is the kind that gives me different content to look forward to daily. The best way to describe the blogs I enjoy are lifestyle blogs. They have various segments and techniques that make each post different from one another, yet they all form together to be part of one concise blog. Whether it is their layout, use of images or even links to the items they are talking about, I always find myself intrigued in the post. It is interesting to read posts on what some people believe to be the healthiest breakfast to start your day, or fun and easy skin care routines. All of these concepts, as cliche and shallow as some may consider them, continue to keep me coming back for more. Here are two examples of lifestyle blogs that I have come across and learned to love.


A Cup Of Jo Homepage

One particular blog I enjoy reading is A Cup of Jo – this site is filled with various posts written by Joanna Goddard. This mother of two has been in the journalism industries for years and has worked for some of the biggest names like Cosmopolitan and New York Magazine. She expresses her personal stories and clever ideas to share with readers in hopes that they will relate or use these ideas as well. One thing this blog does exceptionally well is organize the site to work efficiently. The home page opens to the latest post as well as shows multiple links to the main categories posts may fall under. This makes the blog site easy to navigate regardless of who comes onto the page. I enjoy it because it is very attractive to read and the layout is modern.



Another blog I enjoy is for a younger based lifestyle blog readers – Lauren Elizabeth is a blog created and updated by a girl, you guessed it, Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen, who lives in Los Angeles and lives as an actress and online personality. Her lifestyle is very different from mine in many ways. Our schedules, income, and social life differ so it can be hard to read and relate to the posts. Her oh so glamorous lifestyle brings entertainment to my days spent in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Although this blog is hard to relate to, I continue to read it for it’s aesthetic layout and it’s entertaining post topics.

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