Blog Post #2

Location: Carlisle, PA

I am going to design a blog that is going to act as a survival guide to weekends at college. A lot of the time, mostly as a freshman, I found myself spending a lot of time just wishing for something to do during a Saturday afternoon. It is so easy to find yourself secluded by staying on campus. I wanted to get out of my dorm room and enjoy the area around me. The only problem is I did not know what was in Carlisle, PA or close by areas.

I am going to make a blog that will be a guide of the hidden gems around and in Carlisle, PA. Places will include hiking trails, bodies of water, orchards, etc. I will use photography done by myself or my friends to illustrate our trips to these places and make my blog interactive. In addition I will take videos and edit them to make my site more multimodal with sounds and real footage.

I am very into clean-cut and simple designed blogs. I imagine a white or black background that makes my images pop. I want my images to be the most prevalent thing. I want to have thumbnails with a story written behind them. A reader will go over the image and read a snippet and hopefully clicks on the thumbnail and reads the article of information and tips. I do not want a structured flow on my blog.  I want my audience which will be  mainly Dickinson College Students to feel a sense of ease and realize this is just a casual blog on tips of what to do when you’re bored and have time on your hands.  Blogs such as and are two examples of designs of blogs that attract my eye.  My blog is of course going to be different as I won’t be interviewing people (as it does on HONY) but rather exploiting the hidden beauties of the area around us.

I want to make a Blog that is relatable to my peers. Everyone loves a guide to campus hacks and this is a great subject to exploit.


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