Ideas for future blog

The idea I have in mind for the blog I am going to design is based off fitness and lacrosse. I’m interested in doing a day in the life of a lacrosse player and student at a school like Dickinson. One idea I also had in mind was featuring other lacrosse players from different schools and having them answer a couple a questions or post pictures of their journey. I think this could be pretty cool to collaborate with other kids from different schools. I also could talk to other kids on other sports teams and see what its like to play a different sport here not just lacrosse. I want to show the behind the scenes of what it means to be a lacrosse player at Dickinson but also a student.

One blog that relates to what I am thinking of doing is called This blog allows all professional athletes to tell a story, their experiences or just thoughts with the online world. For example when Derek Jeter retired he wrote a post thanking fans and explaining what it was like to play for the Yankees.

Another blog that I have in mind is called It offers insights on the lacrosse world as well as different college and pro teams. It allows players at all levels to keep in touch with the game and know what’s happening within the community. There are a lot of videos and highlights as well as pictures and interviews. This is one thing I want to incorporate into my blog in terms of design and layout. Have a lot of pictures and videos to show examples of what I’m talking about or who i am talking about because maybe not everyone who is reading will know about lacrosse. Yes I want to gear it towards people who like sports and lacrosse but I think adding in a tone where I could attract classmates that are non-athletes would be beneficial. For example, giving comparisons and showing we do share common interests or ideas. Also, that we go through the same sort of things on campus cause we are students. Ex: Caf struggles, school struggles.

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