Wait, you’re starting a blog?

What’s it about?

I want my blog to be a reflection of myself. This concept appears rather simple, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. I want this blog to be a viewed as a platform where I can share my thoughts of various experiences that I’ve encountered and also give my perspective on events that relate to pop-culture. Ideally, the blog would showcase my interpretation of incidents one would see being the topic of conversation on their Twitter feed.

This blog will be composed with pieces that are equal parts for entertainment and educational purposes. The entertainment aspect of the blog would manifest in the form takes about issues occurring in the media (the release of a new series, or racial misrepresentation of a character within a Blockbuster franchise). Whereas the educational perspective will emerge from my social commentary and decision to contextualize the given issues in how they relate to social problems that are seemingly unnoticed by society today.

One blog, which I think achieves this rather well, is run by a British, Life & Beauty blogger known as THE SLUMFLOWER. Her blog address issues of beauty and mental stability overall by challenging conventional societal standards of beauty. She has an individualized and funny tone when tackling beauty standards – this allows readers to feel more comfortable with, and trusting of her.

What’s the aesthetic?

I know this is strange, but I would like my blog to look like what the  Buzzfeed‘s hilarious and entertaining podcast Another Round (with Heben and Tracy) sounds like. I want to be able to provide a Black Womanist commentary on race related topics, and matters pertaining to gender in an amusing way within the pop culture sphere.

I have also decided that regardless of what my final blog idea, I want the writing style to be rather informal and more personal. I believe that blogging with a formalized tone would not provide the idealized connection to the readers I feel is necessary for a great blog.

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