Enter, The Gauntlet

What’s up keyboard warriors!

What to do when you’re left battling between with two seemingly valid options?

What do you do when you have an affinity for arguing but worry about shattering countless amounts of friendships and are left to debating your personal shoulder angel and devil?

What to do when you are the closeted narcissist that always knows what is right but lowkey seeks concrete affirmation in your belief?

Maybe you’re screwed and will be subjected to a life of lonesomeness…



The world is filled with people who feel like they have to bite their tongues to fit in. But, my blog aims to bring all of my head-strong brethren to the same forum offering a safe place to argue, prove and dispute while simultaneously “saving face”.


… Trust me, I know. I want to make a “Versus” blog that will allow readers to read my take on hot contesting topics while offering their own stern opinions. Establishing a collaborative online community, where the reader/audience is just as much responsible for the site and its content as the writers/producers are, will be the niche my blogs seek to fill.

The web offers few websites with such a consideration of the audience as contributors, most being about extremely specific topics like gaming blog www.surrenderat20.net ( http://wp.me/p-1cR ). My alternative will focus in on a specific kind of reader rather than specific kind of topic. In effect, instead of the appealing to die-hard league of legend fans looking for topics of discussion… Instead, appeal to a wider audience o a self-described conversationalist and offers a wide variety of topics to indulge in. Who would win, the 1992 Dream Team or the 2016 Team USA? Could Batman actually beat Superman? Is a Hotdog a frickin’ sandwich or what?

By emphasizing the importance of an online community in contributing to a blog’s success, my site will challenge viewers’ intellect against one another. The ultimate test of know-it-all, for the “Great Debater” in us all.  Hopefully, this will establish a loyal following where readers regularly comment in response to other readers and my own comments.

(Great example, I think YES!)

My web design will be much like Buzzfeed’s homepage, filled with eye-catching images and perfect rectangles for individual blog posts.  I want my site to be fun and frequently checked throughout a subscriber’s day. So, to ensure my blog’s loyalty, an engaging web-layout reader’s find appealing is a must!


Lastly, I won’t let my bias ruin the show. Most blogs are run by an individual and tend to stick to a certain personal agenda. I wish my blog to be for the people and, more or less, by the people. A site where one’s recognition isn’t dependant on subscriber ranking or upvotes but by the merit of their contributions. I believe people truly decide what makes a good blog and that the success of a site dedicated towards reader will shake up the blogging scene for good.

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