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The Media Center is just one piece of Academic Technology checkout this years newsletter to see what we’ve been up to.


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Campus Media Pre-Orientation Projects

Campus Media Group Picture in the Radio stationIn years past for orientation we’ve had streams of first years coming through the media center before being whisked off to their next event, small groups pop in for couple hours with just enough time to make a quick iMovie mashup, and even a group sing along in one of our podcast rooms. This year we got to work with a group of enthusiastic first years over four days to create radio stories as part of the Pre-Orientation program.

Our program included an interview technique Q and A session with Tony Moore and Joseph O’Neill from Marketing and Communication, audio production session, a DJ booth practice run with WDCV technician Tyler Garrett, and quick study session of our favorites like This American Life, Planet Money, and RadioLab. The result was five great stories which then aired live on WDCV during orientation.

Check out the programs below and the full stories with pictures on WDCV.

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Mass Media and American Politics – News and Ad Projects

Below are some our favorite projects from the Mass Media and American Politics course this semester. All of these videos were done as course assignments and in no way reflect any views by the college or necessarily the students that created them. Also, despite the content of some the videos these were all student projects none of the videos were paid for by any outside entity.








Global Economy Videos Projects

Spring 2014 Global Economy Mini Lectures

Our favorite video projects from the Global Economy class.




Watch them all here




Spring 2014 GIS Student Projects

Below are some of the posters created for GIS supported course this semester and presented at the Spring 2014 GIS Expo and Poster Symposium. Check all the projects here.

An Analysis of the Trees on Dickinson College’s Campus

An Analysis of the Trees on Dickinson College’s Campus (Mary DiGiorgio ’14)

The spatial distribution of weathering on Basse-Terre Island, Guadeloupe

The spatial distribution of weathering on Basse-Terre Island, Guadeloupe (Leslie Milliman and Peter Sak)

An Evaluation of Harrisburg Street Trees

An Evaluation of Harrisburg Street Trees (Christine Burns)

Crime Rate Analysis at Hunting Park in Philadelphia, PA

Crime Rate Analysis at Hunting Park in Philadelphia, PA (Amanda Vandenburg)


Shakespeare Vs Wu-tang

Shakespeare the original rapper, loses vocabulary battle to Wu-tang clan

Visualization from The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop by Matt Daniels

Image courtesy of Matt Daniels, via



Burial film still

Burial #throughglass film

by mc assistant Kia using our Google Glass

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GIS Expo and Poster Symposium

Tuesday, May 6, 10am – noon in the Rector Atrium


The posters will feature an assortment of projects conducted by the students that demonstrate the use of GIS (geographic information systems) for investigating and analyzing problems across a wide variety of disciplines, including environmental assessment, urban planning, historical studies, crime analysis, watershed monitoring, and landscape management.  The students will be available for discussion throughout the session.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Inner Piece Still

Fall 2013 Student Projects

As you are finishing your projects, check out some of our favorites from last semester.

Film 101







Global Economy


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