Program Overview

Dickinson-in-Bremen is one of Dickinson’s oldest study abroad programs, based in the Hanseatic city of Bremen in Northern Germany. For almost 35 years, the University of Bremen and Dickinson College have sponsored a mutual exchange for students from all academic backgrounds as well as faculty and staff. For incoming as well as outgoing students, Dickinson-in-Bremen offers two programs – a year-long option (2 semesters, fall and spring) and a spring-only option.

Our Academic Director serves as on-site advisor for incoming students and is also responsible for the overall strategic and academic direction of the program. She also teaches the mandatory German 340 class in the fall semester and works closely with the home campus in Carlisle. The program’s finances, general logistics, orientation, and administration are handled by our Program Coordinator. Both are located in the “Dickinson Room,”, a well-equipped room on the Bremen campus with exclusive access for Dickinson students.

Dickinson-in-Bremen is a language-intensive, full immersion program that tries to practically engage students through use of their language skills in an academic setting. Through direct enrollment in Uni Bremen classes and language courses, through excursions, special events, careful oversight, and a friendly community of both Germans and returned students, Dickinson-in-Bremen creates many meaningful fields for learning and understanding at the university. Outside of the classroom, the students gain a great deal of independence and engagement, not only by living self-sufficiently in a student dorm or shared student flats, but also through internships, research grants, travels, and the daily interaction with the people and city of Bremen.

For some, this experience continues both at home and in Germany. Students of the Dickinson College German Department have a high success rate in receiving Fulbright, DAAD, and other scholarships in Germany. Many alumni of the Dickinson-in-Bremen Program have even returned to Germany to work and research in various fields after receiving their undergraduate degrees.