When do I find out about housing?
Dickinson-in-Bremen will try to take all roommate preferences
expressed in the the application into account when arranging
accommodations. Unfortunately, these requests cannot always be
met because they depend on the number of program participants and on
the number of available rooms/apartments. Normally, the
Dickinson-in-Bremen staff will know the housing assignments one month
before the students’ arrival and can answer questions about the
housing arrangements accordingly.

What will my address be?
The exact address is dependent on the student’s building
and room numbers, but the following address applies in most cases:

[First Name] [Last Name]
Spittaler Str. 1 C [room #]
28359 Bremen

If you need to send packages or letters prior to your arrival
(or in the semester break), please use the mailing address of our

Uni Bremen – SPT C 5200
Dickinson College
Bibliothekstr. 1
28359 Bremen

How do I get my resident permit?
The Dickinson-in-Bremen staff will help students with the
visa process shortly after their arrival in Bremen. US citizens will
receive the proper forms and have 3 months (after their arrival in
Germany) to obtain a residence permit. For students who do not have US citizenship, other rules may apply. The program staff can assist students, if they have questions about the process. The registration and application fees for will be covered by Dickinson.

What can I do before the Dickinson-in-Bremen program begins, if my language class ends in September?
Please inform the Dickinson-in-Bremen program as far in advance as
possible. We have limited capacity in the apartments and cannot guarantee housing during the summer break, but in some cases, there are rooms available. Generally, students
can store luggage in the Dickinson Room, if they choose to travel
between the language course and the official start of the program.

Can I stay longer after classes end?
In this case, as well, students should inform
Dickinson-in-Bremen as soon as possible. And again: there is no
guarantee. Especially if a Dickinson summer program takes place, it
is not possible to remain in the apartments longer than the last day of classes. It is also important to know that the institutional support, such as the stipend and health
insurance, do not continue after the end of the program.

Should I bring my own cellphone?
Many/some US cell phones work in Germany, but please check to
make sure. Once you are in Germany you can purchase a new sim-card that will work
in a sim-unlocked US phone. Do remember you’ll need an
adapter for the charger.

Can I transfer money into my German bank account?
Yes, as soon as you open a bank account and have the respective
details, you can transfer money into your German account. Check with
your American bank to find out how the procedure to transfer money
works, often one or both banks will charge you a fee.

When can family and friends visit me?
The best time to visit would be during the semester breaks or
for the holidays. However, it is important to remember that we may
plan excursions or other obligatory events during these times and they
take priority. Therefore, please talk to the program staff ahead of
time if you are planning to have visitors, and we can coordinate

When is a good time to travel?
Again, the best time to travel is during the semester break, but
remember that in the German university system final papers and exams
are done during the break. It is best if travels are postponed until all coursework is finished.

Can I request to live in a “Wohngemeinschaft” (WG or shared apartment)?
Yes, it is possible! However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to enter a WG. Requests to live in a shared apartment must be made with plenty of time to
make for arrangements. Dickinson-in-Bremen can help students with the
search for a room in a shared apartment. Dickinson covers
the costs up to the same amount as the available student housing; if costs exceed
the standard coverage then they must be paid by the
student. Furthermore, Dickinson-in-Bremen will not act legally as
tenant or leaseholder or in any other form – this responsibility
belongs solely to the student.