Dickinson College offers two different scholarship programs that give students of the University of Bremen the opportunity to study and also to work on an American campus. Students from all programs and departments at Bremen University are elligible to apply. Each year, three students receive a full scholarship for the academic year (2 semesters, August – May) at Dickinson College. These students study and work part-time as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Program Assistant (PA). Additionally, the spring semester scholarship allows students of the University of Bremen to study at Dickinson for the spring semester (January – May).

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The full-year scholarship for the three “Oversea Student Assistants” (OSAs) is divided into two Teaching Assistant positions and one Program Assistant position. In addition to a normal course load (3 or 4 courses per semester), the TAs assist in the German Department by teaching in the lower level German classes and helping with other tasks. The responsibilities of the Program Assistant, however, consist mainly of logistic and administrative support in the Center for Global Study and Engagement as well as in the German Department. All three OSAs are expected to be active in the German Club and participate in other German-related activities and events.

In return, Dickinson College waives both the tuition fees and the costs of room and board for the OSAs. This includes a private room, food, and unlimited access to all student clubs and organizations. The Teaching Assistants are also compensated for their work in the German Department (approximately 200 $ per month), and Dickinson covers the costs of their health insurance. The Program Assistant is not compensated and is responsible for the cost of the health insurance provided by Dickinson (a one-time payment of about 1,800 $) as well as partial costs for room and board which varies on a yearly basis.

Dickinson College offers an alternative opportunity for Uni Bremen students and waives the tuition fees for classes from the end of January to the middle of May with the spring semester scholarship. However, because the students are not expected to work during their stay, they are expected to cover the cost of their living expenses. These room and board fees are approximately 7,500 $ and include a shared room, food (three full meals per day), American health insurance, and student activity fees. The number of spring semester scholarships awarded each year is dependent upon the available number of student openings, but has usually been three students or more.