Both scholarships require a formal application written in English. The application must include the following elements:

Cover Letter

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Letter of Motivation

Letter of Recommendation

Overview of Grades

Test of Language Proficiency


Résumé in the American style, which means the opposite chronological order (new to old)

1.5 pages to a max. of 2 pages asdkfjas ölaskfj aösldkj asödlfkj asdfölkjas faasjdfh

By a professor or lecturer from Uni Bremen, may be written in German

Pabo; a printed copy is enough, and courses that are not listed may be manually added

TOEFL IBT (min. 89 points) or other standardized test certification of at least B2-level English (i.e. UniCert Test from Uni Bremen); expired certifications can be considered

Download the most recent flyers here.

The application should be submitted digitally via the Mobility Online platform of the University of Bremen and should be sent to the following email address as a single PDF:


The application deadlines for the respective scholarships are as follows:

January 31 asdfasdfasd

August 31

for the full-year scholarship (OSA) that begins the following August

for the spring semester scholarship that begins the following January


The selection process for the OSAs consists of two rounds; the second round of the process includes a video interview (via Skype) with the Dickinson College German Department, which predominantly takes place in English, a few weeks after the application deadline. The applicants will be chosen for the second round of interviews based upon an assessment of their written applications. The selection process for the spring semester scholarship does not include a video interview.