Getting Started

Students can chose to study in Bremen through one of two different programs available at Dickinson College. The “full-year program” offers the ideal conditions for thorough immersion in the culture and language. It starts in September with an intensive language course in a German-speaking city of one’s choice. In October students arrive in Bremen for their first semester, which then ends in February. The second semester starts in April and ends in July.

The second program is the “spring-semester program,” which starts in the beginning of February and also ends in July. The language course that precedes the spring semester is completed at a language school and at the University of Bremen.

The application process is completed at Dickinson through the Center for Global Study and Engagement (CGSE). The application deadline for the full-year program is February 15th, and the application deadline for the the spring semester is September 15th. Please visit the CGSE website for more information and the application requirements (particularly the language requirement).

Once students arrive in Bremen they will be guided by the Dickinson College staff. This support begins when the students are picked up from the airport or the train station. The students live in the student apartments at Spittaler Straße, which are close to the university and completely furnished.

The first part of orientation begins on the first day and contains important information both relevant to safety and to culture. Students will also receive their first monthly stipend. In the course of the next couple of days students will register with the city, apply and receive a residence permit, and also also open a bank account, into which they receive future monthly stipends. Students then learn to navigate the campus, library, and city through a series of tours as well as cultural visits that help students get settled in and acquainted with the city.

In the second part of the orientation process, students choose their courses during several counseling sessions with the Academic Director. This takes place in communication with their academic advisors at Dickinson. During the process, students are also informed about the different academic traditions and university culture in Germany. At this point students can and should express their interest in an internship or side job during their stay in Bremen.