On-Site Staff

Dr. Janine Ludwig

Academic Director, e-mail: ludwigj[at]dickinson.edu

The program is supervised and represented by Dr. Janine Janine LudwigLudwig. Dr. Ludwig oversees administrative and academic integration with the Carlisle campus, including transfer of grades, close cooperation with the University of Bremen, academic excursions, independent studies, and the internship component of the program. She advises students in all academic matters and teaches the German 340 course (Comparative Cultures USA – Germany) in the fall. She also oversees issues of student life, student health, cultural experience, housing, budget, and organizes public events for the program.

Dr. Ludwig received her Ph.D. in Contemporary German Literature, Philosophy, and Theater Studies/Cultural Communication from Humboldt University Berlin and has served as Humboldt’s first Academic Representative in NYC, as Referent to the Vice President for International Affairs and Public Relations, and as Visiting Lecturer at Dickinson College in 2013/14.


Verena Mertz

Program Coordinator, e-mail: mertzv[at]dickinson.edu

Verena holds a Bachelor’s degree in English-Speaking Cultures and Spanish and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Bremen. She has also been working as a freelance translator and proofreader for over a decade. In 2010-11, Verena was a Teaching Assistant at the German Department at Dickinson College. She temporarily replaced the Program Coordinator of the Dickinson-in-Bremen program for six months in 2012 and has held that position permanently since August 2013.