Original Chocolate Cake Recipe

Cake is a delicious dessert and a celebration staple, and they can range from simple sheet cakes to complex replications of real-life items. With all the hype around cake, it seemed important to investigate the science behind cakes—and what takes the flavor of a cake to the next level. Nothing is simpler than a boxed …

Adapted Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake is a decadent dessert that pairs well with other foods such as ice cream, fresh fruit, and, what we focus on, coffee. Mixing the two can create a whole new experience, scientifically affecting how the chocolate cake tastes.  Whether making it from scratch or a box mix, you might be inclined to add …


Science of Cornbread—Original Recipe

This is the original recipe for the cornbread and the science behind its ingredients! (Refer to the link for measurements). Structurally and in regards to texture, the flour, cornmeal and sugar are important to this recipe. The all purpose flour will provide the protein necessary for gluten formation, while also containing starch molecules that will …

Blossom Recipe for Adapted Krumkake



Buttermilk Pancakes References

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