Farm Crew

Jenn Halpin

Director of the College Farm


Jenn is the Director of the Dickinson College Farm. After graduating from Providence College, she joined the Peace Corps where she developed her interest in sustainable agriculture while living in West Africa and working with farmers. As the farm manager, Jenn provides students with hands-on training in sustainable food production and supports faculty and students with on-going research, class-based collaborations and internships.

Jenn served as the President of the Board of Directors for Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). She is an active member in our regional local food movement and founding member of Farmers on the Square, a vibrant producer-only farmers’ market in Carlisle. 

Matt Steiman

Livestock and Special Projects Manager


Matt has been farming organic vegetables since 1993, working on farms in Colorado, California and Minnesota before settling in the Cumberland Valley. For five seasons, Matt managed Fulton Farm at Wilson College where he learned the ropes of running an educational CSA program, and also developed initial experience with renewable energy systems. Matt and Jenn then ran their own farm on rented ground for two seasons before signing on as the full-time farmers at Dickinson College in 2007. In addition to regular farm duties at the Dickinson Farm, Matt supervises equipment maintenance, irrigation, sheep and cattle, and also works extensively with solar energy projects and biodiesel fuel applications for the College.

 Alex Smith

Vegetable Production Manager

Alex is a graduate of Dickinson College as well as the College Farm Apprenticeship Program. After yurt livin’, Alex went on to further cultivate his passion for agriculture that produces high quality food, builds the community, improves the farm ecosystem, and is economically competitive. He continued his farm education at a number of well respected production farms in south central PA before starting his own farm enterprise serving his hometown of Baltimore with fresh produce.
In his spare time, Alex can usually be found outside with his wife, Courtney, and his two year old boy, George. Alex and Courtney are expecting the arrival of a new farm kid this spring.

 Cheri Getty

Packing House Coordinator

Cheri is whipping the lower barn into shape and adding her great energy to the farm team. Having taught fitness classes at Dickinson for over a decade, some of you might already know Cheri – or have had a class with her! Before coming to Carlisle in 2008, Cheri and her family lived in D.C. though she is originally from the Finger Lakes region in New York. Cheri has two daughters, Maddy -17 and Sofia -19 plus two pups that keep her on the move.  When she is not washing, packing, or preserving vegetables at the College Farm, Cheri likes to stay active working out at the gym and trying new fitness regimes like pole fitness.

Joe Rosas

Farm Works Kitchen Manager

Joe’s journey to the Farm Works kitchen has been anything but linear. After graduating cartooning school, Joe spent 15 years working for Marvel Comics and around the early 2000s, pivoted into a Product Assistant role in MBI. Joe and his wife moved to Carlisle in 2009 when his wife took up a teaching position at Dickinson. Joe worked at Amazon for 10 years before making another career transition – this time, to the kitchen. Joe was a chef at the Vegetable Hunter for a year before joining us at Farm Works. Despite the recent change, Joe has extensive kitchen and restaurant experience, having had worked in many since high school. In this role, Joe’s transformed passion to profession and is excited for the journey ahead.

When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find Joe painting, building furniture, or gardening.

 Jann Ernst

Administrative Assistant









Jann joined the Farm Staff in the fall of 2023. Jann graduated from Millersville University and worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for 14 years. She began working for Dickinson in 2007 in various administrative roles, including academic department coordinator for chemistry and biology, and executive assistant in the president’s office. In the fall of 2023, the opportunity to work for the farm came about, and was a perfect fit. Jann handles the farm’s finances, the administrative side of the CSA, and miscellaneous requests that come up. Jann has two adult children, a daughter-in-law, soon to be son-in-law, and three grand pups. She enjoys traveling, golfing (even though her game never seems to improve), taking long walks with her husband or friends and working on random house projects.

Sam Prisco

Education and Outreach Coordinator









Sam started her agricultural journey at birth; born into a family with a passion for agriculture. She grew up surrounded by animals on her parent’s hobby farm and immersed herself in ag-related jobs starting in high school. Sam became interested in teaching about agriculture when she took a job giving tours on a large-scale goat and sheep creamery. Sam attended Delaware Valley University where she majored in Animal Science and minored in Agri-business. After graduation, she managed a sheep farm, while working on her homesteading journey on her own farm. In her spare time, you can usually find her with a smile on her face, reading a farm-related book and hanging out with her animals. She’s excited to bring her passion of animals and agriculture to the Dickinson College Farm.

Kelsey Horowitz

Crew Leader

Graduated from Dickinson in 2018 with an Environmental Studies degree. After leaving DCF, she went on to work at a nearby vegetable farm for one season and the next season she worked at Roots Cut Flower Farm in Carlisle. After that, Kelsey worked at REI for a while. Most recently, she was working at Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, which is an Amish farmer-owned co-op that is a large wholesale organic vegetable distributor and CSA program across the mid-Atlantic. Kelsey is thrilled to be back at Dickinson. 



Pest Control Coordinator and Farm Mascot

Pepe is the College Farm farm dog! He is a rescue Aussie Shepherd mix that cruises the farm fields ensuring that farm staff feel loved. Not (yet) the best at hunting, Pepe “earns” his keep as the resident therapy dog- able to brighten up anyone’s day.