Dickinson College Garden Sign: "Best Looking Gardeners on the East Coast"In 2005, the Dickinson Student Garden offered an “Open Sky Farm CSA” to the Dickinson campus community. Five lucky families became our first CSA members. Our CSA ran for 12 weeks and offered a variety of in-season produce, from tomatoes and summer squash to onions, garlic, and flowers. Eggs from a local farm were also available. Students designed the CSA crop plan, managed harvests and transported the fresh goodies to a central location on campus on distribution day. CSA members found helpful recipes, baked treats and a smiling face when they came to pick-up their weekly CSA share.

Based on the success of our first CSA season, we offered another CSA program during the 2006 growing season. Faculty, staff, students, and administrators joined in our 14-member CSA that will ran for 20 weeks during the summer and fall of 2006.

In 2007, when the student garden transitioned to the College Farm, the CSA program expanded to include 40 Dickinson families. CSA members had the option of picking up their weekly harvest at the farm or having it delivered to a central pick-up location on campus.

Currently, the CSA program serves over 100 Dickinson families with our 30-week program. Learn more about how our current CSA program works!Student workers plant seedlings at Dickinson Farm.