Campus Supported Agriculture (CSA)

beans, okra, eggplant CSA pickup

In 2024 we will once again offer a wide variety of fresh, organic produce in season. All shares will be fully customized by the member and carefully pre-bagged by the farm staff.  Distribution is on Tuesdays at the College Farm or on Campus at Kaufman Hall and Fridays at PROJECT SHARE in Carlisle.

In addition to access to certified organic vegetables, eggs and grass-fed meats, the College Farm works hard to cultivate community through its Campus-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Members are invited to join in on the many social and educational events that take place year round or to wander the fields with family and friends. There is a lot to explore out at the farm – from pick-your-own fruits and veggies to cut flowers, picnics and more. We hope that you will considering joining us!

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The Sign up!

The Dickinson College Farm CSA Applications can be found online here or through the link above.  Share distribution begins the week of May 21st!

Some exciting benefits of our Harvie system include:

  • Full Customization of weekly shares.  Choose exactly what you want, every week!  Reduce food waste and ensure that your share meets your needs every week.
  • Fully online system that streamlines communications between members and farmers through the Happenings newsletter and Harvie support team. 
  • Weekly payment plans.
  • Vacation holds.

Have questions about the Harvie system? Connect to the Harvie site here.

Choose the CSA plan that is right for you!

Tuesday CSA Pick up at the Farm or on Campus at Kaufman Hall or Friday CSA Pick up on Campus at Project SHARE

Choose each vegetable in your box, every week. In addition to a pre-season preferences survey,  CSA members will be able to select each vegetable in their box throughout the season. Don’t like beets? You’ll never see them. Making a carrot cake this week? Add an extra bunch of farm fresh carrots to your box! 

Choose the 30 week or the 24 week season and then modify by choosing weekly and every other week frequency.  

Share Options:

  Large $29/week Small  $19/week
30 weeks   May – Dec $870 $570
24 weeks  May – Oct $696 $456
15 weeks   May – Dec $435 $285
12 weeks  May – Oct $348 $228

To learn more about pick up, rescheduling and navigating Harvie: FAQs for Pick up

The “Extras”

Beef, Lamb and Eggs!

For meat lovers, we offer a variety of beef and lamb cuts as “extras” each week through Harvie so that you can compliment your veggies with a great source of protein.  Your frozen meat order will be kept in a cooler and distributed with your CSA share.  A larger variety of meat cuts are available on our Square Website.

Continuing for the 2024 season, eggs are plentiful!  Our 60 laying hens are enjoying a newly constructed chicken shelter, are pasture fed and will provide non-GMO brown eggs. They will be available by the dozen as an “extra” to your share at market price. 

 The farm also offers a variety of our popular canned goods, frozen soups and other tasty surprises throughout the year.  Look for them as “Extras” on the Happenings newsletter that comes each week.  

Finally, when crops are plentiful and canning season rolls around, there are usually options for buying larger quantities at a reduced rate.  Stay tuned.  Everything communicated in our weekly Harvie Happenings.  

Work Share Option

The Dickinson College Farm offers limited work share options for CSA members. Similar to bartering, CSA members exchange labor for food! During the 2024 growing season, the DCF will offer exciting work opportunities for interested CSA members. Share members earn one share per 2.5 hours of work on the farm. For an every other week share, that comes to a total of 37.5 work hours over the thirty-week CSA season; for a Weekly Share, that comes to a total of 75 hours of work over the thirty-week CSA season. Please email Alex Smith at  if you are interested! 


Pick up your share, enjoy and get involved in the CSA community!

Enjoy our weekly Happenings newsletter, including  weekly field updates, news on farm events, and recipe ideas. CSA members are encouraged to attend educational and recreational events on the farm, especially our annual CSA picnic. In addition to farm fresh foods, the DCF CSA offers an opportunity to meet other supporters of local agriculture and join a welcoming community of Dickinsonians!

Looking for more information? Check out our 2024 CSA Information Packet!

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