Event Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

One of the wonderful things about having the College Farm as part of the Dickinson College community is the opportunity to use the Farm for entertaining and hosting special events throughout the year. This policies and procedures document is intended to provide interested individuals or groups with helpful information and guidelines pertaining to farm-based events. Any individual or group who intends to hold an event at the Farm must also complete an Event Request Form and submit the form to farm at dickinson.edu.

We require at least two week’s advanced notice for all special events. We take reservations months ahead of time: if you’re planning an event for 2012 and are considering the farm as your venue, get in touch with us at farm at dickinson.edu today!

The College Farm encourages zero waste special events. All special event organizers are encouraged to incorporate the practice of waste reduction and recycling into their planning process and special event implementation strategy. Dickinson’s Facilities Management, in conjunction with the Office of Conferences and Special Events, provides resources to assist event organizers in planning for and carrying out waste reduction strategies and recycling at the special event. Upon request, the Farm will provide event organizers with compost bins, lined with bags.

Event Planning and Facility Use:

To schedule a special event at the College Farm, please submit the Event Request Form to farm@dickinson.edu or contact the Farm Program Assistant at 717-245-1969 or farm@dickinson.edu.

Special Event Planning Policies:

The College Farm is heavily used during the year and it is recommended that you make your reservations well in advance. The Farm should be reserved at least two weeks in advance of any special event. Planning for larger special events should begin even sooner (i.e., one or two months prior).

The individual or group scheduling a special event at the College Farm is considered the “Event Host”. The Event Host is responsible for all aspects of the special event covered by these policies and procedures. The Event Host must designate a contact individual for the special event who is authorized to make decisions for, and assume responsibilities on behalf of, the organization sponsoring the special event. A designated representative of the Event Host must be identified and present for the duration of the event.

All Farm special events must end by 11:00 p.m. This includes time necessary for the Event Host to clean up following the special event unless other arrangements have been made with the Farm.

The responsibility for returning the Farm to its pre-event condition rests with the Event Host. This includes the responsibility for setting up and breaking down all special event supplies on the date of the special event. The Event Host shall not leave equipment, linen or cleaning to a later date, nor shall any equipment, linens, flowers, food or other items brought for the special event be left for pick-up on another date unless organized and agreed to in advance and in writing with Farm staff. The Event Host must remove all trash and garbage from the Farm no later than the evening of the date of the special event. The Event Host is responsible for delivering compost bags to the Farm composting facility located just beyond the large greenhouse.

The Farm provides one portable toilet on site for use by special event participants and guests at no cost to the Event Host. Depending on the number of expected guests and participants in the special event, the College Farm may require the Event Host to provide additional portable toilets at the Event Host’s expense. The number of additional toilets will be determined by the type of event and number of guests.

Dining Services can provide a full array of catering services for your special event.  If catering is desired, the Event Host is responsible for ordering through Dining Services.  Catering requests for small events require a five-day minimum notice and major events require a ten-day minimum notice. The catering brochure is available on line at http://www.dickinson.edu/student-life/resources/dining-services/content/Catering.  Requests should be directed to the Catering Department at catering@dickinson.edu. The Event Host is responsible for ordering, pick-up, delivery and return of items ordered through Dining Services. Delivery of items to the College Farm for a special event must be coordinated by the Event Host with the College Farm Administrative Assistant.

If you plan to bring your own food, please note that you must be fully self sufficient; providing your own serving and eating utensils, serving dishes, equipment, paper products, food and beverages for the special event. All food must be fully prepared before being brought to the Farm. On-site cooking is not permitted and kitchens on Farm property cannot be used. The Event Host is responsible for cleaning up after a special event.

The use of drugs and smoking of any kind are not permitted at the College Farm.  Alcoholic beverages may be served at functions provided:

  • The alcohol to be consumed at the special event is delivered to the College Farm in advance of the special event. NO ADDITIONAL ALCOHOL FOR THE SPECIAL EVENT MAY BE DELIVERED OR PROVIDED AFTER THIS DELIVERY.
  • A Dickinson TIPS (Trained In Preventive Serving) bartender is provided to serve the alcohol
  • No alcohol is provided, distributed or dispensed other than that served by the TIPS bartender
  • Dickinson College determines the number of bars and the length of time each bar will remain open at the special event
  • No alcohol is provided, distributed or dispensed to anyone under the legal drinking age of 21

If tables, chairs, garbage cans or recycling bins are needed, it is the responsibility of the Event Host to request specific needs with the College Farm Program Assistant at least one week prior to the special event by emailing farm at dickinson.edu. Facilities Management and the College Farm Program Assistant will coordinate the delivery and pick-up of these items. Delivery times and pick-up times must be specified in the request.

Tables, chairs, garbage cans and recycling bins including delivery and pick-up are subject to fees. Specific fees will be determined and communicated to the Event Host dependent on quantities requested.

Parking at the College Farm is limited. The Farm strongly discourages individual cars coming to the Farm.

The Dickinson College Farm is a working farm. Parental supervision of children under the age of 13 is required at all times and is the responsibility of the Event Host. Children may not move about the Farm without appropriate supervision.

If there is to be music during a special event, the Event Host is responsible for ensuring that the band or disc jockey complies with the end time established for the special event, and is aware of the limited electrical power available in the space used for the special event. The band or disc jockey must provide all necessary equipment for his/her/its performance, including but not limited to extension cords and cables.

Campfires are permitted on the Farm only if a request is submitted in advance of the special event and approved by the Farm. The Farm will supply campfire wood and starter material plus buckets of water to put out the flame for a fee of $35 per special event.  Representatives of the Event Host are required to go through complete campfire safety training with Farm staff on the day of the event BEFORE a fire can be lit. The Farm will enforce “no-burn” policies during unfavorable weather conditions, including but not limited to high winds and drought conditions.

Any individual or group who fails to meet their responsibilities for hosting a special event at the College Farm as set forth in these Policies and Procedures may be prohibited from hosting future special events at the College Farm.

This policy applies to all special events held at Dickinson College Farm.  Any organization or individual wishing to sponsor or hold a special event on Dickinson College Farm property must complete an Event Request Form.