DEI Reflection – Allison Gressett

If I had to migrate and had the choice of where I go, I would likely choose Germany. I would migrate there because I am fortunate enough to speak the language at a proficient level and have knowledge of the culture and systems within the country. Within the country, I would definitely experience agent identities as an educated white person. These would give me advantages in adjusting socially, as well finding opportunities for work and more. Having previous knowledge of the language would also act as a major boost which many migrants may not have. As an American, I would likely experience some stereotyped prejudice, but my American western identity would largely act as a benefit in my experience. I may experience some barriers in work because of my identity as a woman, but I think my education and American identity would likely outweigh that as a target identity. Overall, my migrant experience would likely be somewhat easy, as my identities would benefit me.

I found thinking about this to be very insightful. While I think migrating to and making a life in Germany would be pretty easy because of my language and experiences with the country on top of my identities, if I were to go to another country where I did not speak the language my identities would most likely still act as agents and benefits pretty much anywhere I go. My identities (white, educated, American) grant me privileges that would make my migration experience much easier than what many other migrants face.

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