Unfortunately, many owners assume that because Chihuahuas are little, they cannot cause many problems and never take the time to learn how to teach one correctly. However, despite being little and charming, Chihuahuas are undoubtedly one of the most aggressive and stubborn dog breeds and may be very resistant when it comes to obeying orders.

The temperament of a Chihuahua is distinctive in many ways. First, the dog will be thrilled to spend all of its time with you. Chihuahuas are purposely raised as companion animals, following their owners around everywhere they go. However, this bond can also result in dominant tendencies, and there are several concerns when these dogs are improperly socialized with other dogs and people.

Coco was never taught orders when growing up, but with time he started to understand specific commands, words, or directions. He’s 16 years old, when he was younger orders like peeing outside in the garden or eating his food were not clear yet. Rarely he was never taught to obey the word “Sit” or “Paw” which are basic commands for most dogs.

For humans and dogs to live together amiably, dog training is recommended, and a lack of obedience training is significantly related to the prevalence of certain behavioral problems. The trainer/owner must ascertain the dog’s learning level to train efficiently. Understanding the dog’s body language helps humans understand the animal’s emotions. This study evaluated the posture of certain dog body parts during operant conditioning. Our findings suggest that certain postures were related to the dog’s learning level during operant conditioning. Being aware of these postures could be helpful to understand canine emotions during learning.






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