Dogs are the main contributors to helping people with their mental health, the benefits of a dog are endless and it is so important to how special these dogs can be. This primary source talks about the Psychological, Biological, and Social Influences that dogs have on humans, and how dog ownership can decrease the number of people with depression and release serotonin and endorphins in the brain. Cisco of all dogs have been the best companion and definitely helped my mental health dramatically. 

Dogs are best companions because they are loyal and are very good at reading our emotions to be there for us when we are down. I can remember some very important times when I have needed someone to be there for me and it never fails to be cisco. I remember when my grandma passed away, and I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders days after this happened I just remember the constant checkups that Cisco would do with me throughout the days that made things feel better every time I got to see him. The says “Much research has been conducted on the impact of dog ownership and dog interactions on human psychological health and functioning. Frequent interactions with a dog, either through ownership or through long-term interventions, have been associated with positive psychological outcomes across the lifespan” the frequent interactions I had with Cisco positively affected my mental health so much. I never really understood how important a dog can be for mental health before I went through a crisis and had a support system like Cisco in my life. Mental health can be very difficult to deal with and I now understand why companion dogs have been outlets that doctors recommend for people struggling with mental illnesses. 


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