Frankenstein Pages 61-107

In the second section of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Victor Frankenstein succumbs to an overwhelming darkness in his psyche after his brother William is killed by his creation. He is distraught not only because of his responsibility to creating the Monster, but the fact that he cannot clear the name of Justine Moritz, the girl who was a ward of the Frankenstein family and executed wrongly for the murder of William Frankenstein. Alphonse Frankenstein, Victor’s father, attempts to clear the minds of his family from their recent terrors and takes them to Belrive, Switzerland as a distraction.Read the rest here

First Year Exploration

When I went to the lecture by Steven Strogatz on synchronization in nature, I was not sure what to expect. What does he mean by synchronization in nature and the world by mathematics? Would I even be able to understand the topic and discussion? I did not have to worry because Strogatz was incredibly easy to understand and broke his studies down into easy to understand chunks. Synchronization in nature is natural and like Darwin’s theory of the balance of species in nature, every input has an output to maintain a balance.Read the rest here

First Year Exploration

I sat down with Professor Commins my Professor for my class Middle East Up to 1750, and discussed why he chose to become a professor, history major, and historian. He was quite happy to welcome me into his office and give an insight into why and how he got to where he is today.

Professor Commins discussed is process of becoming a history major, and why he decided to become one. Going into college he was skilled at english and history, which made it easy for him to zero in on a major.Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

Max Burrows

Scope: I want to observe how nationalism is used to affect international relations between Russia and the United States post World War II. Nationalism is ingrained in every culture, regardless of location. It is the pride in people about their country, or culture created around it. Examining the way nationalism affects the foreign policies of countries such as the United States and Russia is one area of focus of this study. The other being the repercussions both the US and Russia face when creating an international policy based on nationalism.Read the rest here

Marx in Soho

Marx in Soho is a unique play that showcases Karl Marx’s life and ideas with a twenty first century application . Marx in Soho illustrates the flaws in capitalism that have continued into the twenty first century such as overproduction and the disparity in wealth between classes leading to massive social and economic problems in the future for society.
In modern day America, the overproduction of goods is a major problem, discussed by Marx. This materialistic idea hurts the proletariat because an increase in production reduces the wages of the workers in order to keep the capitalists (Bourgeoisie) gaining a profit.… Read the rest here