History and Analysis

It is both fascinating and disappointing to learn that many find the liberal arts History degree of study to be of no importance and have next to no value outside of a classroom setting.  It is sad because these ill informed individuals do not see the bigger picture as to why historian scholars and students take such an active interest in the field of the “what has been”: to be able to analyze an event and place it in a larger significant story of the past. … Read the rest here

Document Analysis

The writer of this paper fulfills the requirements of the rubric very well and structured his/her essay properly to make the essay clear and easy to understand.
The topic sentence is set up well by the rest of the intro paragraph. By the time the reader gets to the topic sentence, he/she has a good understanding of the situational context. The sentence itself is concise, but very clear and describes effectively what the paper will be focusing on.… Read the rest here