The Irish Civil War

The Irish War of Independence, which lasted from 1922 to 9123, was fought in order to determine whether or not the country would remain a part of the British Empire. The Free State forces won (as opposed to the IRA) and the country was kept in the Empire. However, at a cost that that divided the country so deeply that these debates are still going on today.

The documentary, The Madness from Within,¬†broadcasted in 1998, showed the lasting impacts on the country and different personal views from children whose parents’ lived through the wars themselves.… Read the rest here

The Madness from Within

The Madness from Within is an interesting documentary that examines the causes, events, and consequences of the Irish Civil War through interviews and archival footage. On June 28th 1922, after the Irish War of Independence and the establishment of the Irish Free State, the Irish Civil War began. Conflict arose between two opposing groups of Irish nationalists, the Free State and the Irish Republican Army (IRA), over the Anglo-Irish treaty. The Free State triumphed over the Irish Republicans, thanks to the money, weapons, and support from the British.… Read the rest here