Kline Center

When I had my orientation at the Kline center, I felt like a high school student touring Dickinson for the first time. We were informed of the different rules and regulations of the gym and were taught the safety precautions to use on the equipment. While I was going through yet another orientation process, other students were already working out, making me feel even more like a newcomer than I had before.

Today, when I went to the Kline center to work out for the first time, I felt much more like a part of the student body, rather than just an observer. This time I used the equipment instead of just looking at it. People weren’t giving me the “oh you’re obviously a freshman” look that had become so familiar. In fact, while I was at the gym, I saw another group of freshmen doing their orientation, but this time I had the fulfilling feeling of being one of the students using the equipment. After being on campus for a few days, using the gym felt like another part of my daily routine.