Futurist Manifesto and Surrealist Manifesto

The futurist and surrealist manifesto came about in the early 20th century and took place in Italy. The futurist manifesto was written in 1909 by F.T. Marinetti and was based on the philosophy of rejecting the past and moving on to violence, hatred, and speed. It rejects all forms of knowledge and declares that we must use violence and aggression. It states that the only cure for the world is to glorify war. The surrealist manifesto was written in 1925 and was a declaration of the importance of thoughts and dreams. It is a total liberation of the mind by letting out one’s expressions in the unconscious state. He focuses on the importance of dreams since they are suppressed human emotions.

Both the futurist and surrealist manifestos are designed to create a revolution. Does the futurist manifesto believe that violence is the only answer? Is there not another cure for the world? Is surrealism the only total liberation of the mind?

The movie “Le Chien Andalou” was produced in 1929 and is a silent surrealist short film. The film was created off of the two director’s dreams of the moon being cut in half by a blade and the other of ants coming out of a human hand. Did this movie create a movement in Italy? Did people become more in touch with their suppressed emotions?