Frankenstien Volume ll

In volume two of Frankenstein Victor travels to Chamounix after the mourning of William. While there Victor encounters The Monster for the first time since its creation. In this confrontation Frankenstein at once tries to kill it. However through some persuasion the Monster is able to convince his creator to listen to its story. Shelly then switches the stories perspective from being told by Frankenstein to being told by The Monster. The Monster recounts his travels from the University to a small farm owned by an old man, Agatha, and Felix.… Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

Scope: Many people are mistaken in thinking that racism in America is a thing of the past, when in reality it is still prevalent in society today. Although African-Americans have achieved “equality” through amendments of the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings, by no means have they received true equality. There is still a prejudice held by police officers against black people as shown with the amount of police brutality cases. Even textbooks have recently been discovered as incorrectly demonstrating the plight of an entire race by saying claiming that Africans came to America as “Workers”.… Read the rest here

Marx in Soho

Bob Weick starred as Karl Marx in Howard Zinn’s production Marx in Soho, a monologue about Marx’s life and his idiosyncratic ideas on the flaws of capitalism. Weick acts around a scene set up of one table with a red tablecloth, two chairs, a large bag, newspapers, books, papers, a beer with a glass, and a scarf in remembrance of Jenny.

The basis of the play is to have Karl Marx come back to life to explain how his preachings are still relevant today with the rise of capitalism, poverty, and exploitation of the worker.… Read the rest here