Domostroi: 64-67

Beginning with chapter 64, these sections provide insight to how to run a proper household for privledged Russians.  Chapter 64 is a long list of instructions for the father of the household and how to raise and instruct his son in the ways of Chritianity.  The chapter proceeds chronologically, beginning with the baptism of the son and the promises the father makes to make God known to his son.  The Domonstroi instructs the father to tell his child “to fear God”, and to follow the Holy Scripture.  As the chapter progresses, the topics the father must tackle mature.  These include drinking, marriage, and eventually how the child must teach his own sons.

Chapters 64-66 all deal with food and what kinds to each on certain dates, as well as ingredients for popular dishes.  Chapter 64 includes an exhaustive list of foods that people should serve in different times of the year.  Some dates are “from Easter onward”, Saint Peter’s fast, and the Feast of St. Peter.  It is interesting to note that the food selection is varied, which indicates that the readers of the Domostroi would be financially stable.  Chapters 65 and 66 provide a number of ways to prepare mead and fermented drinks, as well as recipes that utilize vegetables and fruit.

Chapter 67 is a list of wedding rituals that are popular among the wealthy within Russia during this time.  The wedding rituals are unbelievably precise and elaborate, detailing every possible aspect of the wedding.  The Domostroi also includes planning before the wedding.  In addition to the elaborate weddings, there is also a less elaborate ritual included as well.