A Spooky Opportunity

Photo Oct 08, 7 08 01 PM
Our Program

The USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association) has some amazing opportunities for figure skaters. One of which I had the chance to participate in this past week, Nancy Kerrigan’s Halloween On Ice. This was something I’ll never forget, we had two practices to learn the program. Only two! Luckily it was short and was easy to comprehend.

Photo Oct 08, 7 10 02 PM
Our Program

The group of skaters we had were from all over. Our practices were in Wilkes Barre, so most of the girls were from that area. However there were some girls from New York and New Jersey. The rest of us live in Pennsylvania. Our last practice was crazy, as we had two run throughs then the show. During these we got to meet Nancy Kerrigan. It was an amazing experience to see all the professional skaters backstage, seeing all the costumes before the show and seeing what they do to get ready.

Photo Oct 08, 8 51 03 PM
Johnny Weir

The one thing I will remember the most is being able to see one of my favorite skaters, Johnny Weir. Johnny is an amazing skater, his energy given off while skating is unexplainable. The way he can capture attention pulls you in. Sadly, I didn’t get to meet him, however we saw him multiple times backstage.

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Lily and Natalea – Team Reflections

Being a part of this was so much fun. It was such an experience to skate out there and look up and see the stands filled with people smiling down and enjoying your skating. The rush you get from skating in front of an audience like that makes you feel like you can do anything…

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