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My current plan for my blog is to do a rundown of the current state of TV, possibly with a humorous spin if I am capable of being creative enough. One inspiration for this came from a blog called Reality Steve. While the author of this blog almost solely writes about reality TV and his blog is a little confusing he still writes with a sarcastic spin that is entertaining to read. I think writing my blog in a similar almost sarcastic style would be enjoyable both for me to write and for any potential readers to read. For my posts, I would like to give a sort of summary of what’s new, what’s big, and what’s doing well on TV at the current time or over the previous week. If possible, I think it would also be interesting to occasionally comment on what is currently “big TV” among Dickinsonians. I plan to do this by possibly interviewing professors and other students about what they think are great shows or programs and why. I believe this would be sort of an interesting spin on the TV blog because professors are obviously interested in what they are teaching, but I for one do not know much about what they could be interested in watching.

One major article that gave me the inspiration to write a TV blog was called Top 50 TV Blogs and Websites for Television Lovers. This article provided me with a lot of information about TV blogs and made me realize that TV blogs had a very free sort of writing style. They can be anywhere from very journalistic with a lot of data about ratings or discussions about the mise-en-scene of certain episodes to very humorous with authors making jokes about the acting or writing for certain TV shows. My intention for this blog is to write somewhere in the middle of these two styles. I would like to offer a blog that provides factual information about the state of TV while also offering somewhat humorous or entertaining opinions from myself and others about what they think of current TV. For example, I would like my posts to land somewhere in between more serious and journalistic pieces like The Current State Of TV StreamingWhat We Can Expect From The Future  and more entertaining, slightly humorous pieces like in Reality Steve. By hopefully offering some sarcasm or humor to the state of TV and opinions on TV from college students and professors I hope my blog will be able to give readers the ability to learn about the state of TV while entertaining them.  After all, who doesn’t like a good TV show?



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