HOW WILL IT LOOK? Blog problems 101


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What to do, what to do for my blog? This is the question I’ve been wrestling with over these past few weeks since the start of this Writing in and for the Digital Environment class. And when I say wrestling, I mean WRESTLING. All students are required to create their own blog. However, I have no idea what I want my blog to be about. I could have my blog revolve around my areas of interests or majors. This would mean the blog would center around education policy or simply politics in general. If so, I do have some education blogs that I like and would aspire for my blog to emulate. For instance, Teach Junkie is a great site for educators as it provides teachers in the classroom with project ideas, room designs, activities, and other resources. This site is beautifully set up and easy to navigate. I could scroll for hours observing their interesting ideas, thinking if I would’ve been interested in them when I was younger and taking notes for future reference. The pictures they provide for each idea is helpful too.  Another blog that I like is Coolcatteacher. I am not so keen on the design of the blog, but the blog’s purpose is very clear. It also offers smart suggestions for teachers to follow in the classroom. The precision and purpose that these two blogs offer are what I want for my blog. I want my blog’s title and mission to relate. I want to design a blog where people automatically know what to anticipate when they click on it. I would love to have a blog where I could talk about anything that interested me but I believe you must find your audience before doing something like that. People must connect with you to want to listen to your opinions and actually care. People love a purpose and mission.  But also, it is a personal blog. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to blog about whatever interests me? Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried about what people would like? I just worry about being limited by doing one thing. I am more than my major or just one of my interests. Maybe I could combine two passions the way Racialicious does with combining the media and the problems people of color face within it? I don’t know. Now, do you see what I mean when I say I’ve been wrestling with ideas? Ugh.

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Although I don’t know what exactly I want my blog to be about yet. I have an idea of how I want it to look stylistically. I’m huge on colors, things that pop, and instantly grab attention.  I want the colors of my blog to mesh well and to be bright. I also want the format to be side to side like TeachJunkie. I even want to have a category section at the top of the site similar to ACupofJo to help readers navigate the different topics/ categories throughout the blog. The combination of these things would grab people’s attention, help them see a majority of the articles at once without having to scroll so long, as well as help them better navigate through the blog.  I want a blog that is visually appealing so that people come, but a blog that also has great content which should make them say. I’ll decide what that content will be soon, but until then I’ll continue thinking about the design and styles I enjoy.

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