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About the Farm

The Dickinson Farm is a 50-acre living laboratory that is USDA Certified Organic. Located just 6 miles from campus, the farm has over 12 acres of vegetable production ground and 18 acres of animal pasture. The majority of the harvest is delivered to the campus dining hall. A significant portion of the harvest is earmarked for the farm’s Campus Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, which feeds over 130 families. The Farm also maintains a thriving stand at Carlisle’s producer-only Farmers On the Square market, sells produce to local restaurants,  and donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to Project SHARE throughout the growing season.

Dickinson College students assist with all aspects of the farm’s food production as employees or volunteers. In addition to raising Certified Organic produce for the college dining hall, the farm supports the academic interests of students and faculty, promotes renewable energy through solar applications and builds a greater awareness among students about how food is generated using techniques that help sustain natural ecosystems.

Position Description

The Dickinson College Farm Packing House Assistant is a seasonal position that will span the main agricultural growing season of our region (mid-June to end of September).  The Packing House Assistant will work at the College Farm in two capacities:

  1. Assisting the Farm’s Packing House Coordinator with washing produce as it comes from the field to the Packing House, located in the lower level of our barn.  The Packing House Assistant will be trained on washing protocol, food safety guidelines and assist the Packing House Coordinator with all aspects of maintaining a food-safe workplace and ensuring that farm produce is thoroughly washed/processed/packaged for it end destination.
  2. Overseeing the Farm’s value-added product line which includes but is not limited to canned goods, dehydrated products, frozen vegetables and fresh-made products that are for sale to the public.  The Packing House Assistant will be trained by the Packing House Coordinator on how products are made, in addition to workplace protocol for maintain a food-safe environment and end product.

A successful applicant will be flexible and able to adapt to varying work environments and tasks.  She/he will have an interest in sustainable food production and learning about food safety protocol as it relates to our farming operation.  Furthermore, a successful candidate will have a strong work ethic, work well with others and have the ability to enforce rules as they apply to workplace safety.

In that this position is physically engaging, the Packing House Assistant must be in good physical condition and able to lift 50 lbs repeatedly without risk of injury to oneself.