First week in Bremen: Orientation!

Day Four of orientation week:

After all the introductions, lectures, and discoveries at the university, we needed a time-out and some relaxation. Thus, on Thursday night, we had a small celebration to which we invited the new students along with Bremen-in-Dickinson and Dickinson-in-Bremen alumni. Together we watched the soccer game between Germany and Ireland, which was one of the qualification games to the European Championship to take place in 2016.

The “offside rule” with a bunch of gummy bears

First, some of the Germans explained the soccer rules for the Americans, and maybe also for some Germans, e.g. the offside rule, for which they relied on the helpf of gummy bears. There was pizza as well as a large choice of snacks and drinks. Although Germany lost to Ireland, it was a nice event, and we had a lot of fun. After all, we still qualified!

Before the game: Anna, former OSA Philipp, Janie, former OSA Laura, Phoebe, Carol, Helen, Lea (intern), Ira, former spring student Nicholas, former spring student Daniel (from left to right)

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