The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE): helps liberal arts colleges and universities integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology.

NEH Office of Digital Humanities: supports projects that employ digital technology to improve humanities research, education, preservation, access, and public programming.

MacAurthur Foundation: Digital Media and Learning: aims to determine how digital media are changing the way young people learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic life.

Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC, pron. “haystack”)  An open consortium that puts on an important annual conference, and administers the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Competition. Since 2008, has awarded $6 million to 72 digital media and learning projects in the U.S. and internationally.

Digital Humanities Now: blog that showcases the scholarship and news of interest to the digital humanities community.

DMLcentral: blog of the MacAurthur supported Digital Media and Learning Research Hub.

Anvil Academic Publishing: fully digital, non-profit publisher for the humanities, supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and NITLE. Colleges, universities, libraries, and cultural institutions can use Anvil Academic to publish under their own imprints, contributing nothing more than editorial work.

centerNet: an international network of digital humanities centers. 200 members from about 100 centers in 19 countries.

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