Reconstruction of Sevastopol: An Inevitable Disaster?

Reconstruction of Sevastopol, following the Nazi’s attack on this vital naval city, started the Soviet’s regime of rebuilding the country’s architecture and infrastructure. The Soviet Union created the Committee on Architectural Affairs; I think this is a testament to the State’s commitment to rebuild cities with the State’s ideal in mind. The Soviet Union wanted these new building to be dedicated to the great heroes such as Marx and Lenin. Streets and squares were renamed in an attempt to return to historical roots.… Read the rest here

Architecture of the Eastern State Penitentiary

[ensemblevideo contentID=ecUc1jK3_0-DuIivirqkhw]


This video blog traces the Eastern State Penitentiary’s history through its architecture, which led to its ultimate demise.

Images were either photos taken by me, or were retrieved from the sources below:


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