Physical Deterioration of Textile Workers

Author:  there are multiple authors for this article, all writing about experiences in English textile factories and the workers there.

Context: All articles are written in the 1800s, some earlier in others. This is after the industrial revolution and the harm coming from all the work and production is coming to the surface.

Language: Though their are multiple authors, each used medical language as to describe the state of the bodies of the workers.

Audience: They were trying to talk with the owners of the factories. The owners were the ones subjecting their works, children and adults, to this harsh work that physically changed their bodies and lives.

Intent: To change the working conditions for the textile workers in England. They wanted to spread the word on what working in the factories was doing to the workers,

Message: They were explaining what was happening to the workers, how work had changed them. In the last article, the author even wrote about how the conditions changed, suggestions someone had been listening.

Why: These articles were written to show the dark side of industry, darker than what Saint-Simon, Owen, and Marx were writing about. They wanted to show the factory owners and upperclass what the new industry was doing to the workers. They wanted change for these workers because , even though they were workers, they were humans that deserved a good life just like anyone else.